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MskCare Clinics

Empowering Wellness Through Personalized Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Solutions

At MskCare, we strive to create a community where everyone can achieve their full potential for health and comfort throughout their lives. We work hard to earn the trust of our patients and to be their preferred partner in their therapeutic journey. We aim to contribute actively to our community by effecting positive and sustainable change.

With a scientific approach and experienced hands, we strive to reduce pain, improve mobility, and prevent future injuries. Mskcare Clinics provides the latest and most efficient devices, technologies, and practices in the Saudi therapeutic field.

Our Approach

Dedicated to Excellence in Physical Therapy:
Your Health, Our Priority

Skilled & Qualified Saudi Therapists

Who combine practical experience and scientific knowledge to deliver superior individual care. We take pride in our contributions to the development of health professions in Saudi Arabia.

Partnerships with Various Clubs

To provide comprehensive and integrated rehabilitation programs to achieve health goals for patients and offer them a unique and comprehensive physical therapy experience.

Therapeutic Technologies

To ensure the most effective care for patients. We believe that innovation and research are the driving force behind achieving sustainable health improvement for patients.

Home Care

We provide professional in-home physical therapy services for those who face challenges in mobility or who prefer rehabilitation in their comfortable environment. Our goal is to achieve healing and improve outcomes right at the comfort of your home.


Customized services for your needs, to help with injury recovery, chronic pain management, and physical function improvement. Our team of licensed therapists utilizes the latest technology and equipment to provide the best outcomes.


Certified manual therapists utilize hands-on techniques, such as joint and soft tissue mobilization, to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal problems, including back and neck pain, joint problems, and headaches.


Our skilled sports therapists support athletes of all levels through injury prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation. With personalized training programs and evidence-based techniques, we enhance your physical condition, minimize injury risk, and accelerate your return to peak performance.

Unleash Your Potential with MskCare

Delivering world class medical care

Recover, strengthen, and excel with our individualized physical therapy and sports rehabilitation services. Start your transformation journey with us today.

Patient Experience

    At MskCare Clinics, our vision is to provide you with exceptional care that elevates your daily life activities and enriches your overall well-being.

    Alhussain Alhazmi

    Managing Director

    At MskCare Clinics, our vision is to provide you with exceptional care that elevates your daily life activities and enriches your overall well-being.

    AlHussain AlHazmi

    Managing Director

    Our Therapists


    Suliman AlHazaa

    Muscles, Bones, Joints,
    and Sports injuries


    Abeer AbuRamyah

    Muscles, Bones, Joints,
    and Sports injuries


    Mohammed Baydoun

    Treatment of spinal pain, shoulder inflammation, inner ear dizziness, lymphatic drainage, and rehabilitation after joint replacement surgeries.

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